a female from if I tell you I'd have to...., Canada

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"fake it till you make it--- no clue who coined this but I love it!"

Arts educator for hire! I paint, draw and dabble in pottery when given the opportunity. I play guitar and piano-both self taught. I used to party pretty hard, but now that I'm old I'm a hardcore nerd and spend my free time: working on music, playing settlers of catan, playing video games and taking selfies. I love to travel-in particular to the mountains. I hope to make it big so I can buy a house in the mountains and live off the grid for a while... I fake a blog in a desperate attempt to get my voice heard and create a network for sharing among other artists/educators.... but no one has responded ( Feel free to chime in and post arts related docs to my blog!

Other than that I write mostly to put to music and often the music comes before the words. I find myself cheesy but who cares I love cheese!!!!!

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