a chick from Canada, Canada

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"Live as if you die tomorow, learn as if you live forever."

Uhm.. hi ^^ I'm Star. I write as a hobby but sing as a passion :3  Music is a big part of my life :D I like cats, I connect with them easily <3 Heh. I'm gonna be 16 in August, which I.. could wait for >.> No party planned. Anyways, I like tv and I'm on the computer often.

I try to finish stories, but I never really manage x3

Most my stories either end up getting bloody or sexual. xD

I write mostly about fantasies. Angels, demons, vampires, cat girls/boys, element masters ^^

I have a lot of imagination, but no words.

Talk to me if you like ^^ I'm a very friendly person.


I like horror movies mainly. Favorite color? Hm.. Rainbow ^^ I was in my pool once and I noticed one in the clouds, I kept screaming ''Rainbow! Look there's a rainbow!'' XD My friend thought I was weird. :3

I have smooth brown hair, a ltitle purple in it still. ^^

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