a 23-year-old funky monkey from the United Kingdom

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Hello hello :) My name is Ele, I'm 15. Ever since I was little I've been writing little random stories, tho I think they're getting worse!

I'm very shy, don't have much confidence so I thought by doing this it would help me a bit, but honestly I don't think people are going to be very interested in my stories!

My friends say I'm funny, loyal, fun to be with, and kinda quirky. I like reading (a lot), writing (of course), seeing friends, listening to music (and singing along, rather badly) and bocking (no idea what i'm on about? google it :P)

I am a HUGE paramore fan :D I also rather like foo fighters, linkin park, red jumpsuit apparatus, muse, yellow card and greenday.

At the moment I'm working on something called fifteen, kind of about my life and some fiction too. I have three other ideas but won't start writing them till this is finished. Hope you like it, but I don't think you will really. My English teacher never really supported me :/

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