a babe from the United Kingdom

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"'If something knocks you down, get back up and carry on'"

Laura Rebecca Whittington

  • She's 14
  • Blonde hair
  • 5'4
  • Blue eyes
  • Ivory skinned

-I like to write from past experiences. My Parents divorced, found partners yadda yadda so I am drawn between two families. I like to think of them as a and b. A - My mums side (Whittington) then B - my Dad's side (Jenkins). When I write stories, I base them on when I had to move to new places with both families, I also base some characters on my step brothers and sisters. I only ever had one sister, Georgia. But now I have 2 Step sisters (Olivia and Maye) and 1 Step brother (Nathan).

-Right now I'm living with my mum, in the countryside, alongside with her boyfriend, Maye and Nathan. I love to get inspiration from where I live. It's a little cottage that looks onto miles and miles and acres of acres of free, green land, with forest trees dotted around. I am going to my dad's tomorrow. It's quite the opposite, It's in the city, dull, polluted and crowded. (The inspiration of Saphy from Starry Nights when she moves from the city)

So after reading that, look out for those people in my stories, thanks for your interest :)


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