a funky monkey from Not Dublin, Ireland

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"Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much" - Oscar Wilde

Well considering that this is a writers website I would assume that we all love to write and read.

If there is anyone here who loves Robin Hobb novels like I do - well there aren't any! I have managed to skim into Stephen Kings work by completing so far a grand total of two novels.

Fantasy, adventure and a dash of romance is what makes a good book - discluding Twilight.

I happen to love maths as well as english, history and art. I often love french but would like to try Italian. I also invented the long walks on the beach and Carlsberg, -thats why they have such good catchphrases.

I am a catholic atheist (don't ask) and completely irreligious at the same time people. I don't believe in Santa anymore either.


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