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"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make" - Beatles

My Name is Rachel Sophia  Masch. I am a junior in college and I am seriously obsessed with the environment.  I am now studying Communication, Classics, Latin, and Biology, where I hope to work at a National State Park, and be an Environmentalist. I love flowers ,my favorite are Sunflowers. I love animals, and one day  I hope to have my own farm or garden.  I write songs,  play the violin,  flute, and sing. My main instrument is the violin where I play in an orchestra. I am in love with sunsets! I fall in love way too easily. I lend my myself out too much  much for people, and I'm a person of outbursts, and tears. I am mostly a poetry writer, but I sometimes write short stories. I am working on a book called Boy Was the Word, and I hope to write a book of poems.  My favorite band is The Beatles! I love dancing in the rain, and recently found out that I'm in love with snow. I love laying in the middle of roads. I'm a vegetarian but I occasionally cheat and eat chicken or turkey. I do not own anything that is leather, my favorite color is green and  I love reading. My inspiration is from the book Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. I like to think that I am nonconformist, and that I love wearing dresses and boots.  I am an open person who equally loves and is terrified of scary  movies.I hope each and everyone of you who takes the time in reading my works will enjoy it. 

Signing Off!

- Rachel aka Stargirl*

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