a 24-year-old guy from Horsforth, United Kingdom

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Not exactly new here, I did have an account a while back but it's out of the way now and gone for good. So yeah, hello, I'm Jack. Normally bored university student with too much free time and a love for all things literary. Been writing and honing my craft for about five years now, only recently consider what I right to be alright. I suck at introductions, so yeah.

I write mostly (and usually) Science Fiction and Adventure, but Fantasy and Drama is creeping in. Usually short or episodic chapters, sometimes longer pieces and collaborations. I'm fond of poetry too. Inspirations book wise include the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Tennyson, Jonathan Stroud and Sue Townsend. 

Outside of books and poetry, I adore both manga and comics, and I'm a big Marvel fan. Manga I really enjoy includes Death Note, and comics that have inspired me include Runaways, several Marvel weeklies and The Crow. Music too is a huge part of my life, as is fashion, science fiction series such as Doctor Who and Primeval, and so much more. 

Currently, I plan on writing Zero Lines on Protagonize, which is a Science Fiction Adventure with fast cars, ferocious beasts and a musical focus.

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