a 20-year-old grrl

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I live on the outskirts of a not very nice town in England. I live in the 'best' county in England though, so it's all good. My dream in life is to move to Switzerland or Deutschland or maybe Sweden or Norway.

I like to write, obviously. I like to read as well.

I don't like a particular type of music, I like all music. Well, apart from Kesha, Ellie Goulding, Diana Vickers. People like that. Oh, and well most of Pop. Hm, so not all music. Lets just say I like Oasis & Blur and leave it at that :)

I'm not on this site, I'm mostly on a different site. My poem somehow got into the top 20, which the highest I've ever got anywhere ever ever in my life.

Not much else to say.




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