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"One must dare to be himself, no matter how frightening or strange that self turns out to be. ~Thank you little fortune cookie"

Holy flying halibet, cliched Flying Mammal-Man!

Boy howdy has it ever been a long time since I last dropped in.  I can't say that all that much has changed in my life, but I'm sure things have been chuggingly along quite swimmingly while I've been away.

I  am sad and guilty. I've not shunned the internet in my absence, merely been preoccupied with...another site. That pause was more dramatic in my head, but I suppose that'd be because I Da-Da-Dum'd appropriately. Go on re-read it to get the full soap opera effect, I'll wait here for you.

Good? Ready to go on again? Uh, oh, hold on a second, your left shoelace is untied. Ah, thank you, much better.

I can admit, I'm not a spectacular writer. Imagine if you would, the idea of this kind of narrative throughout an entire story. Quirky and appealing perhaps, at the beginning, but my frequent and wandering digressions are often...frequent...and wandering. All in all, I rarely take the time to make sense for anyone other than myself which leads to all sorts of mental congestion on the road ways of the mind, and it's always when your already running late for a meeting in the left lobe.

My mind and I seem to be of varying opinions right now, because I'm suddenly reminded of the addage Practice makes perfect. If my brain had a smile, I'm sure it would be smugly using it right now. Stupid brain, you're supposed to be on my side. Anyway, I guess that means once again, for what I'm sure will amount to the umptenth time, I make a return to the wonderous and library-esque halls that are Protagonize.

Just an add on and after thought, take look at another site that I regularly frequent (In fact, the very site that stole me away). Probably right up the lanes of several people around here. Can't hurt to give it a try.

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