a 25-year-old guy from Indiana, United States

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"Wow, that's real bright. (Sarcastic tone)"

Hey, I'm Spencer, and I'm pretty new to this site, as in I just signed on it. Ummm, well, I guess since this is a literature site, I might as well tell you about my booky side. I like actions, even the cheesy ones, and some of the ones based off of movies. I also like comedies, although I'm never able to find a good one that I really like. Except one, which was Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. If you haven't read it, and you enjoy a good comedy, then I really recommend this book to you. Anyway, I have tried writing books on several different occasions, and I always start out strong, with great ideas and story plots, but then I falter. My story grows weak, and then I can't even work on it anymore. I actually have a few unfinished projects, that all have met a writer's block made of steel. My favorite genres to write about are action, or fantasy, sometimes even both. Some of the stories that I've failed to complete bases include, a long ago era, with mythical creatures, and a city full of heros, but one of them stands out among the rest, destined for greatness, bla bla bla. Another, that I'm particularly proud of, because it's right in my area, but particularly angers me because it met the same fate as all the rest, is set in a post apocalyptic nightmare, zombies, and mutants running around everywhere, with a group of rebels seeking to restore the Earth to what it once was, and a corrupted business, bent on using these creatures to make money. Well, that's about it bookwise for me. Other than that, I like to listen to music, hang with friends, play video games, the like. Linkin Park is my favorite band, hands down.

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