just a girl from way on the east side of crazy

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"We Were Born Brave Because We Weren't Born The Same As Everyone Else." ~Myself

Why, Hello Dearie!

You are one brave soul to try and make sense of this. Anyone who has known me for long enough will probably tell I'm way over on the east side of crazy; with the imagination to back it up...But what's life if not unpredictable?

A Little Bit About Me:

Just a young, not-so-tenacious aussie scribbler that enjoys anything from sleeping to horse riding. The rest...well, I'll leave that to your own imagination.

Upcoming Works:

Since I'm new to Protagonize, I'm in the process of editing some of my older works that I'll hopefully be publishing soon.

Singular Works

  • My Love For You - Collection of Poems
  • Two Horses - This isn't actually my story. But it's very inspirational and I think it deserves the extra attention.


  • The Devil Series
      • Hellbound
      • This Devil Doesn't Wear Prada
      • Green Is For Envy
  • The Virtue & Vice Series
      • Auroria
      • Acerbus
      • Vice
      • Virtue



  • The Veil


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