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Hey, I'm Sophie :)

I'm currently writing a vampire novel (:

Reading: Linger by Maggie Stiefvater.

Last Read: Torment by Lauren Kate

Relationship Status: In a relationship :)

I like reading, writing, art, and I love my music.

I'd appreciate it if you visit my website! (:

Nigel <3 iloveyousomuch. ♥


Teenagers have their own little heirarchy, there's the popular kids who get what they want and who they want. There's the wannabe kids, who want to be popular too but get rejected. There are the kids in the middle who have their friends, aren't popular and try, but not too hard. Then there's the "nerd" kids, who have friends but seem like they prefer their own company and try hard in school.

But the truth is, underneath the makeup, the style, and how hard you try, everyone is the same. We all have hopes, dreams and feelings that unite us. Let's hope that one day everyone will realise that.

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