a 27-year-old female from the United Kingdom

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"I know what I'm talking about. Why? Because I use wikipedia."

My life is like any other  persons life......very boring. I go to college, come home, do homework and go to sleep. Luckly I manage to find time to do a little creative writing which makes the day seem worth while. I would love to become a writer someday even if its short stories. I love to listen to music, I find that it helps with creative processes.

I would love to one day move to New Zealand, not that England isn't a nice country because it is and its not that I'm not proud to be English...which I am. Its just that New Zealand has nicer weather. I love to hang out with friends whenever I get the spare time. Oh and I love Take That, for those of you who don't know they were one of the best British boybands of the 90's and one of the best man bands of the noughties.

If you have any questions about me please ask.

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