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"Without you there's no reason for my story..." Anarbor, You and I

I'm pretty random. Once, when I was walking downtown with a buddy of mine, I had shouted out "WHITE PEOPLE!" when a group of them walked by.

My boyfriend thinks I eat to much. Although I beg to differ. I do indeed eat a lot, but I'm quite thin. I friend blames my Asian Genes. She says she never ever saw a fat Asian. I beg to differ again. Just look at my cousin. 

I have a boyfriend now! I feel I have to tell you this, who ever you may be, reading this. We've been dating for a while and I find being in a relationship is actually fun. I always found that girls who waste their life away for one guy are utterly stupid.

But here I am.


He's quite charming though. (I feel like I'm some old grandmother trying to find a beau for my granddaughter). Although he is also a bit rash at some points. When he is being rash, I flick his nose. He finds that too annoying to ignore, so he moves onto how rude that is, moving away from his previous topic of annoyance.

I talk to myself.

When I was younger, I cried for 3 hours because I realized I would die when I got old.

I have undiagnosed ADD.

I trip over my own feet and plastic bags from Cub Foods.

I like songs that tear at my heartstrings. I like food that will burn my tongue, and books that'll make me laugh my ass off. I like pencils too. With nice erasers.

I have a very unhealthy caffeine addiction. I drink coffee on a daily basis. I guess it just adds to my struggling author image.

I daydream.

I'm going to move to the country and spend all my times drinking caffeine and watching the sky go by.

I skip down sidewalks and walk outside when its not raining with my umbrella. I've always wanted to catch a squirrel. I want to go to Disneyland and meet Cinderella. I want to put white highlights in my dark brown hair. I want to get black contacts even though my vision is perfect.

I like the word perfect.

I'm in love with Sailor Moon. I've seen almost all 200 episodes and watched all the movies.

I once ate mashed potatoes for a whole week.

It was yummy.

All of the stories I've ever written, whether it be for fun or school or whatever, at least one person died, got seriously injured, or heart broken. One example: A girl got shot in the head, an old man died because of a broken heart, a guy cracked his skull when he got pushed down a couple flights of stairs.

See? I've seriously disturbed. But please, don't be frightened, I'm really a nice person. Just the waaaay back of my mind is deranged.


Hm. Maybe I've babbled enough for one day.

Smile darling. You're on camera.  

"Le ciel est triste."


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