a 16-year-old from Florida, United States

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"When you're a kid, they tell you it's all, "Grow up. Get a job. Get married. Get a house. Have a kid. And that's it." But the truth is, the world is so much stronger than that. It's so much darker. And so much madder. And so much better." - Doctor Who

You can tell me anything, from "I have a cold," to "I am a pedophile," and as long as you aren't hurting anyone and everything is consensual, I promise to God that I won't judge.

Unprofessional writer since my third grade teacher forced me to make a book report. Clumsy, moth-eaten, ditzy little shorty since birth, till death.

I support anyone, so no matter what you can come ask me to read what you've written, and as long as I'm not about to fall off a cliff, I'll take a look.

North America is made fun of. Australia is quiet. South America is looked down upon. Asia is repressed. Africa is impoverished. Europe is all over the place. Antarctica is often forgotten. Now hush and let's be broken together.

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