a 20-year-old hobo from your shed

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"I want Jordans trousers! they're magic cause they can hide Mikey Way AND make you the oppisit gender!"- a very confused and drunk Josh

Ok, so you deserve a better explanation of who the hobo in your shed is.

Hobbies: Drawing, writing,writing/ drawing mangas (whatever you call creating them), playing guitar, annoying my older brothers and hugging my younger one, world domination by BACON!!!

Wow, that's sidetracked.

Some well-known facts about me: Mints get me hyper. I hate everyone, but that doesn't show through my randomness. I never finish a story.I didn't know spain was in Europe (sorry Jordan). I am greatly influenced by my friends, which explains some violent and crazy outbursts. I laugh at everything and anything, a side effect of everything I eat making me hyper.

Know me better yet?

Oh, yeah, I am a girl. Not many people know that as my gender is hobo.


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