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"People will say you look perfect. You will disagree. But you will realize in time, it's all because you speak of your internal blemishes." ~Me

Well, I don't know what to say about myself. I'm not really that good at telling anything about myself, I tend to say one thing in about five hundred words. I'm really bad when it comes to that.

I'm Native American, whiiich most people don't believe since I look extremely white. My grandfather was Native American, and then his great, great --- not sure how many greats --- grandfather belonged to some tribe called the Chaquinta tribe. They were located near the Sierra Nevada, actually, until most of them were killed, but some got away, and my greaaaaaat grandfather was one of those people. He found shelter after some nice woman decided to help him, and she ended up being my great grandmother, heh. I didn't find out about this until like, two minutes ago.

That's because I totally made it up.

There's quite a few reasons that story was just not believable at all. If you believed any of that, you did not pass the test. xDDD

I'm a rather hyper person at times. It depends. I don't like to socialize with people anywhere else but online, but most would think I'm a social person if they met me, just laid-back and quiet, if that makes any sense. There's not much to me.

I am in love with black and white art. I just... I really love it. While I like rainbows and wild mixtures of colors, I hate color at the same time. I love black and white so much, and I believe it makes it anything look great.

I, at times, like to review things. I'm extremely critical and I'm good at catching onto negative aspects to whatever. If someone didn't ask me to review their work, though, I may leave a paragraph or something, as a comment, mostly consisting of positive things.

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