a 17-year-old gentleman from Australia

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"When the mind is calm the body is calm, therefore it is neither hot nor cold."

Me, what can I say? Not much really, I am only here to learn. But that is what life is about learning. I am planning to write an autobiography/fantasy novel one day mixed with martial arts, a bit of mystery, romance and Sci fi. So it would be an ultimate thriller!!!! If one day you see a book published by Anoush Chohilli-Sooby it was written by me so I hope you can buy it and read it.

When I first write a story it has to be in a book, ideas are fine to go on the phone. Only then do I type my story up. What do you guys do?

I like drawing, mostly mythical creature which one day I will put in my novel.

Beards are amazing, Dumbledore's beard from Harry Potter is great. Guys suit long hair which i have at the moment.

To me science and maths are the best subjects. But reading and writing lets you expand your minds in which maths cannot. 

I am reasonable at chess, maybe one day I can make a Harry Potter live chess set. 

I also practice Kyokushin karate, that is where my base knowledge has started in martial arts.

Favourite martial artists, Ip man, Ibrahim Merzii, Sosai Mas Oyam, Morihei Ueshiba and many more but I cannot blabber about martial artist for a day I have a story to write.

Also I am highly religous, if you want to learn about my religion search up mandaeans. They are my race.

I also believe in indigo children and that I am one.

Please criticise my work, as this will help me big time.

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