a 28-year-old man from India

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You all must read this letter because this is my autobiographical letter with my pic. I will upload my pics time to time. HeLLo EveryOne !!! ThE PiCtuRE yOu aRE waTchiNg iS mE. LOOk aT thE PiCtuRe aNd sEarCh whAt QuALitiEs Or sPEciALitiEs yOu dEteRmiNE, pLz shaRE thRu yOuR cOmmEntS

NOw lEt mE sTaRt tELLing abOuT mE... ...

I'm ASHISH SHARMA, bAsiCally fROm Agra LiviNg iN New DeLhi riGhT nOw. I' m pOsTgRadUatE iN mAthmaTiCs & prEpaRing fOr CS (IAS) iN DeLhi. I'm 23 YeArs oLd hAndsOmE, sMarT, wEll bUiLt, siNcErE boY. I'm vErY CrEaTivE. I liKe maKing fRiEndS frOm vAriOuS cOuNtriEs & taLkinG thEm. WriTing cOmmEnTiNg iS mY hObBY. I wRitE & cOmmEnt oN diFFerEnT tOpiCs. I'm fOnD oF cOmpOsiNg pOEterY, wRiTiNg stOriEs...EtC. YOu cAn viSiT bLoG aT tO rEaD mY cReAtiOn. On tHis bLOg aLL thE mEtAriaL iS iN Hindi. I aLsO wRitE fOr Hindi NEwspApEr DAINIK JAGRAN. On ThE fAcEbOOk I'm OnE oF tHe mOsT pOpULaR UsEr.

To FoLLow mE oN fAcEbOOk jUsT hiT & tO fOLLOw on TwiTtEr cLicK oN If yOu wAnT tO jOiN mY cOmmUniTy fOrUm, yOu hAvE tO gO tO My cOntAcT LinE iS aLsO OpEn fOr yOu.

You MaY caLL mE oN +91 8909707597 iF yOu waNt tO bEcOmE phOnE fRiEnD.

HeRe aRe mY EmaiL IDs--

1. aNd


-Ashish Sharma

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