a 25-year-old girl from Billingham England, Smaller Territories of the U K

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"Freedom is the right for all sentient beings" "Glory to the Alliance!" "For the Horde" "If you look beyond the darkness, you can see light" "Only by chosing the wrong path, the right one will come" "Praise Elune"

Hi Everyone :)

Well my name is Becky, but a lot of my friends call me Sky, just down to fact we have our own Orginal Drawn Characters for Transformers. So if you mind call me Becky or Sky its very much up to you :)

Er...Well I really don't shout about this but I thought it might aswell put it up there incase any of you was wondering I have ASD, Asperges Sindurm and Dyxlisa too, as you can tell my most of my work I can't spell for squat. I fancise about everything I get into. Like at the moment its Transformers, World of Warcraft and History espically the Romans hehe.

Personality: Friendly, you can tell me anything and I won't tell anyone ;) I'm very talkive when started but sometimes quite shy and timmid and I've been told I'm good at solving others problems and listening to others. Great Writer of Screenplays also if that counts, be voted twice as best in my class during Seconardy but hardly any compasion there I mean out of Beyblade, HSM, Whatever Vs my Wow and Angels and Demons one.

Likes: Well, World of Warcraft Transformers Animated, Transformers Generation One and Two, Transformers Amarda, Transformers Energon, Hisotry and writting. I love to RolePlay with my friends also.

Dislikes: Well there a list, people who do not understand ASD people who treat us like nothing and worthless because our problems:( People who say your their friend then stabbed you in back, check yes I've that too more than five times. *Sigh* Progarms etc. Anything doing with Starterk, my best mate is a trecky does my head in with the ears -_- and Transformers Beast Wars and maybe progarms which my brother watches.

Books Im reading:

Transformers etc.

Greek Gods


Favourite Characters etc..


Optimus Prime


King Valarin Wynn


Jaina Proudmore

High Priestess Tynade WhisperWind

Sylvanas WindRunner

Lothar: Lion of Azaroth

My Own Characters:

BackStrike (55, Born again Knight)

FireBlossom:  (21, High Priestess)

FlashBlade: (49, Born again Knight)

Well thats me, ask me about anything about myself and I'll try to answer it :D Or email me at


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