just a chica from Earth

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"The Purpose Of Life Is A Life Of Purpose" -Robert Byrne

Well, Greetings. My Name Is Melody. (Well Actually It's My Middle Name, But Same Thing) I'm In My Mid-Teens. I'm Really Just Sharing My Thoughts And What Not All Wrapped In A Zesty Essay. I'm Not A Great Writer, I Mostly Just Improvise Speeches, So Don't Judge!! I'm Sorry For All Of You That Hate It When People Capitalize Every Word, It's Kind Of A Habit, Plus Every Word Is Important And Deserves Equal Rights, But My Stories Aren't Like That, So Don't Worry. I'm Pretty Easy To Get Along With, Very Mellow. I Hate People Getting Hurt, And I Love Helping With Emotional Problems. So If You Ever Need Someone To Talk To, I'm Here. Follow Me On Twitter And Instagram If You'd Like @skooterpower. I Love All Of You With A Fiery Passion In My Heart And Soul!!


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