"Ich wollte nur träumen, schwärmen, lieben."

I'm in my mid-twenties and living in a northern city that's delicious in the spring, steamy in the summer, elegant in the autumn, and blisteringly cold in the winter.  I'm a fan of Doctor Who, German Expressionist silent film, Stephen Sondheim, early Tim Burton, traditional hand-drawn animation, and the music of David Bowie, Ray Davies/The Kinks, and Depeche Mode (currently, I'm really getting into the electro-swing genre).  On any given day, you might find me reading mathematics in a cafe, or daydreaming about disused flour mills.    

My works

 Stories from an Ex-Mormon

My family resigned from the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 2005.  I was 15, then.  As I was a thoughtful, observant teenager with an eye for detail and a perfectionist streak (as well as merciless memory for my own social faux pas), I had a very difficult time during my last three years in the Mormon Church.  The experience branded me and left me with several social neuroses that I mostly manage today.  Some literature did come out of it, though :) 

The following two stories are fictionalized, but they have many strong autobiographical elements.  My purpose is to illuminate and satirize some delusions, neuroses, and other psychological phenomena that I believe constitute hazards inherent in membership in the Mormon cult.

"The Church of the Darkened Cinema"

"Fly in the Ointment"


This Business of Love

A crossover crackfic for "Batman: The Animated Series" and "The Mask".  This is mostly for fun, but a few people have really glommed onto it, which I wasn't expecting :)

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