a man from Bishop Auckland, United Kingdom

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Hello there. My name is Carl Dobson, but you can call me Simon. I'm sixteen years old and I live in a town called Bishop Auckland, which is a rather dull place to live, and I wouldn't recommend it to people who are planning on moving somewhere in the North East; there's nothing to do, hardly any jobs going and it is somewhat "chav-infested".

Anyway, enough of that... I'm currently in my School's Sixth Form studying for my A Levels in Business, ICT and Drama and hope to go to University in the future. I've had dreams of travelling the world, exploring new places, experiencing new ways of life, and understanding the ways of the world. I usually spend most of my time dreaming about this, and thinking of life in general...

I spend the majority of my time either reading, going out for walks, swimming, or generally keeping fit, and manage to spend as much leisure time with my friends as I can.

If there's anything else you'd like to know about me, ask away.

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