an 18-year-old babe from the void., United Kingdom

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"Do you permit it?"

Hi, I'm Silverjay (I dreamt it up) 

I don't go on here as much as I used to, mainly because I'm not writing as much as I should. I've had this since I was a lot younger, please understand if you find my earlier works, I was probably 12.

There's a 34k word document minimised as I write this. 

My reading taste is anything AQA doesn't put on the exam board (except pride and prejudice possibly.) My two favourite books are Les Miserables and The Silmarillion. I suppose that means I like waffley, weirdly written books with plots than span ages and unneccessary character death? I cannot stand Of Mice and Men. 

My Tumblr is Jolyfishes.

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