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Ok, so get this:

Imagine a guy who has great dreams. A boy who wants to attend the #1 High School in America. He excels highly in his grades, getting straight A's. And he is great at math, and many other subjects. Think he's a nerd? Wrong. Nerds aren't ( pretty) good basketball, are they? Haha...

Anyway, that's me :).

Education is highly important to me. I know a few people who claim like they get straight A's, just because they have gotten it a few times. But me? No. I've gotten straight A's every quarter since Middle School (6th grade), though I don't know what that converts to in the united Kingdom, where many of you people are.  Speaking on that matter, why is it that a lot of the accounts on Protagonize have people from the United Kingdom?

Anyway, back to the subject. I hope to keep getting straight A's, for it is very important when I apply for Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, currently rated the #1 High school in America. The reason i want to go there is because:

A) The courses are a lot more challenging, which will give me good experience for College.

B) Since the courses are so hard, a lot of the credits you receive will go towards your College credits. 

After High School, my plans are to go to John Hopkins University and Harvard University. Since I am currently interesting in a Medical Field, I will get my PHD at John Hopkins. Though i am still unsure of the exact college I want to get my different degrees in.

Enough talk about my future. Let's talk about some of my hobbies. Well first, I love playing basketball,  and i must say, I think I'm pretty good for a person who's only played for a year. Though i suck compared to those experienced players. Which itself, sucks. I love drawing, and I think I'm pretty good at that, too.

Academic Subjects...Hmm. Well, math is one of my best subjects. I'm in seventh grade and I'm currently taking Algebra Honors. My average is over 100%. Writing? Not my best, though i love to write.

My favorite books? Well...I have many. A lot of the books I have read are really good...

Twilight- Yeah, I know. You either hate it or loveeeee* it.

Maximum Ride- Very exciting story. I recommend it. Currently readng the series.

Warriors- Hmm, this dates all the way back to the fourth grade. Great series! Our class even incorporated the book into a game.

Redwall- Good adventure type...

The lightning Thief- Thumbs up.

If you want to contact me, my email is, or IM me at Sweetboyscott.

Hope you enjoyed reading my profile, and hope you enjoy my work!


P.S. If anyone has time to rate my work, thanks a lot!!

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