a 22-year-old femme from Scotland, United Kingdom

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"Il est très simple: on ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux."


Well, it seems you have reached my profile, for whatever reason. Maybe you read one of my single pieces, or- more probably- read something of mine in a collaborative work. Perhaps one day if I am particularly lucky, you will be here because of recommendations.

“SilverGirl” works, for me, on two levels. Firstly, the literal level: I’m a girl and I rather like the colour silver. Secondly, it originated as a screen name from the line “Sail on, silver girl” from “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” I particularly like the song and at the time when it became my screen-name of choice, I had just finished singing this song with my school’s junior choir. My own name is Ciara: an Irish name pronounced the way one pronounces “Keira” as opposed to “Kiara”- i.e. The Lion King 2- “Sierra”- as in that poppy woman- or any other variant.  Not that I am particularly fussy anymore. I’ve been called Claire, Clara, Carla... I’m no longer bothered. I just accept whatever people say.

Perhaps it would be a nice little ice-breaker of sorts if I mentioned a few smaller aspects of my personality. I’m constantly drinking glasses of water with ice cubes and when I’m studying, I have to admit I have a bit of a “thing” for scented candles. I also much prefer things to be in colour order if at all possible. Or any order, really, but rainbows are probably most aesthetically pleasing. I make notes for study purposes, which are of course, colour-coded and neatly drawn out, even though anything else I write is usually scribbled and covered in ink blots.

I don’t want to place too much focus on my beliefs, as I don’t think my style of writing depends too greatly on them; however, a brief overview doesn’t hurt. I am largely undecided on my political views, particularly as it seems that whenever I begin to appreciate a party or politician for whatever reason, I am suddenly disappointed by some other aspect. Far more important to me is my religion. I am a Church of Scotland Christian, and it is a big part of my life. However, I have not- at least as of yet- based any of my writing on this, so I shall leave my description here.

Music is also extremely dear to me. I play violin and viola and am part of three separate orchestras, each of which, I feel, offers me something quite different. I have played violin for about eight years now, and viola for about one year, however I have to admit that my tutor was correct when he speculated that I may be more accomplished with viola. I believe I am also beginning to prefer it, as I rather like the deeper, mellower sound. I also adore singing and I have to say it is probably my main passion in life. I have had a couple of singing tutors over the years, and always enjoyed my lessons. I take part in any choir I can find, am currently part of my area’s main Youth Choir and last year took part in my school’s production of “Evita”, playing the part of the Mistress. I enjoyed it more than I could ever have imagined. As it may be possible to guess, my favourite genre is, undoubtedly, Showtunes. I adore musicals and my top five are probably “Les Miserables”, “Phantom of the Opera”, “Wicked”, “Evita” and “The Lion King.”

I have always loved reading and I think my favourite genres are probably classics and crime or mystery novels. I loved “Jane Eyre” and “Rebecca”, was fascinated by “Brave New World” and “Animal Farm”, moved by “The Color Purple”, intrigued by “The Life of Pi” and loved the Dan Brown books and the Jeffery Deaver novels. However, I will read most books which come my way, as long as no-one forces terribly written romance novels or overly-clichéd science fiction upon me. I bear, on the other hand, no aversion to a well-written romance or an innovative sci-fi novel.

I recently discovered The Protagonizer's Manifesto and it is well worth a read. It is interesting, well written and I also find it agrees and certainly explains perfectly my own views on the subject.

Though I do intend to begin on a quest to write some prose, I can’t really say when that will be, or if I will, in fact, ever get around to it. As it is, I am currently using Protagonize mainly for poetry, as I enjoy playing with different formats, rhyme schemes and meters. I am, however, also embarking on a continuous, collaborative work with Ruthie, or as she is known here: Miserabilia.

A few of my own pieces:

The Song Suggestion

The Balance


Not What You Thought

Little Stranger

A collaborative piece with Ruthie (Miserabilia)- Letters From Me to Charlotte

Writers whom I fan, and what for:

Verse47-  for beautifully original and intelligent poetry.

Blueprint- for fast-paced action and great character description.

Miserabilia- for something I can no longer remember. Poetry I guess. Don't let her near your computers. for flowing poetry with well-worked rhyme schemes.

Juliia- for fantastic satire and political poetry.

SeeThomasHowl- for fascinatingly different prose and intriguing plays.

Rac7hel- for hilariously excellent but versatile work.

AmandaQuirky- for characteristically quirky poetry and innovative ideas.

RainDance- for beautiful, vivid poetry.

CheshireGrin- for evocative poetry/lyrics and unique prose.

ElzuWolfe- for intuitive, eloquent poetry.


Please note, however, that these are not the only reasons why you should definitely visit the above authors' pages, just why I was initially drawn to "fan" them.

Finally, below, in the space for my "web site", I have posted the link to my youtube channel. This is just a place for me to vent my singing.

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