a cat from Near Bristol, United Kingdom

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"Random acts of kindness ... Thats a quote of sorts right?"

Welcome so I'm supposed to tell you about moi eh? I guess thats what you're reading this for...okay let's see...

I sometimes wish I had been born a cat
I have the occasional 'brain switch over' (this is my personal name for it okay)
I have a slight obsession with curly hair and nail art
I have a very large ginger tom cat named Bill and a smaller cat called Jazz
I hate white walls
I love writing (duh)
My 'dreams' are to either be an actress (never gonna happen I know) a shrink or an author
I watch far to much television
I am probably one of the most introverted people you will meet
I like rainbows
And gnomes
I hate the letter q
I am convinced there is someone living in my head with me, today it is Janice
I hate the colour green
I love the colour yellow
I love people who aren't selfish and comment/rate peoples work ;)

And that should about do it. Are you throughly bored yet? You should be.
SilverElephant :*

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