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Hi all,

I hate writing these profile thingies. I never have anything much to put except my current thoughts so here they are:

  • Transformers: Revenge of the fallen was so awesome I have seen it twice! (may write some fan fiction to do with this)
  • Maybe I will finish re-reading the Harry Potter books now.
  • I hope my horse isn't too wet in his field (it's raining at the mo)
  • I wish I could see the ocean at this present moment.

Yeah so that was what just ran through my mind. So now I shall throw out some random facts about me:

  • I love horses and want to be an equine vet
  • Or a film producer, I love film too
  • It is my life ambition to own a black Audi R8. I'm not material honest...
  • I am off to university in september to study Animal science and then I shall apply to veterinary, again.
  • I enjoy singing, I have an exam in 4 days.
  • I want to go on adventures! You know, discover a (friendly) alien race, find the knight's templer treasure, just the normal stuff, nothing too flashy.
  • I ALWAYS wear my silver bangle. On my right wrist. It is over 50 years old and still looks brand new.
  • I have two bengal cats called Tum Tum and Not Tum. And a rat called Pan, and a horse called Prince (or sometimes prindle).
  • I have just finished taking advanced level chemistry, biology and maths.  I aimed for my grades to be ABB but unfortunately I don't feel confident about any of my final exams :( so now I am super worried. Beause if I do not achieve these grades I will take the exams again and have to take a year out. Stupid exams.

That's me. As for writing, I like to write action/adventure/fantasy/sci-fi, often with the lead character being female. It's just a preference of mine. I often use music as inspiration, as well as film; sometimes a location or a particular face in the movie may well give me a fully-formed idea.

Feel free to drop me a random comment or ask me to read your work, because I would love too!

Silver L. x



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