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"You're not pretty, you're beautiful. You're not good, and you're not an angel, you're THE perfect angel. And sins don't matter because you're the best thing to happen to me." -C.J.J. <3

Hayloooo lovies.

I am a teenage girl, a writer, and a poet.

I write to get stuff out of my head. I don't write to please other people or to become a literary great, because there is only a one in a million chance that my writing will EVER be read as much as Shakespeare, and a slightly larger chance to be read as much as even the lovely Sarah Dessen or Maureen Johnson.

People, for some odd reason, tend to like my writing, though. I'm warning you now that if you don't like descriptive, emotional writing, back away from my profile and my works. You don't want to go any further, believe me.

When my grandpa died last year, writing became a coping mechanism for me. I've wrote ever since I learned how to write, but last year it became as essential as breathing, and more important to me than food. Did I write a lot? Not really. But when I had my days, I wrote. I wrote total crap, and I wrote some stuff that I thought was decent enough to post on here. Mainly poetry.

But even now, even with a 3.8 GPA, a more than halfway decent high school social life, and a boyfriend who is completely unimaginable, nothing has changed. Writing has become even more of who I am than ever before.

I write every chance I get. I write poetry, I write flash fiction, I write character sheets, I write novels. And I blog. I cannot get enough words.

But now, for more actually about me..:

  • I thought my sophomore year was going to be total hell, but it's actually turning out to be my best year yet.
  • While you'll normally find me with my nose in a notebook at school, be it schoolwork notebook or writing notebook, I can tend to be a total class clown, with well-timed wit and sarcasm as my weapons.
  • I am both a night owl and a morning person. How is that possible? Two words. Cat. Naps.
  • My boyfriend (C.J.J., for the sake of his identity) and I can talk from 6:30 in the morning to the time we go to bed, every day, and still have stuff to talk about the next day.
  • I like a lot of music, but I'm still a music snob. Current favorites? "Fall For You" by Secondhand Serenade and "If the Moon Fell Down" by Chase Coy and Colbie Caillat.
  • I am addicted to Twitter (@LlamaDramaQueen) and to blogging.
  • I love lyrics so much.
  • I wear my silver-and-opal sand dollar earrings and silver-and-hematite ring practically every day.
  • While I complain about certain people *coughC.J.J.cough* being taller than me, I actually kinda like the height difference...
  • I love crime shows, especially White Collar and Castle. And the original NCIS.
  • I will go trick-or-treating until people stop giving me candy. You are NEVER TOO OLD FOR FREE CANDY.
  • Drew Barrymore is fabulous.
  • John Mayer is amazing. I don't care what you say, he is.
  • Eyes like sea glass are the most beautiful eyes EVER.
  • I am a total math nerd. I am in Accelerated Algebra 2 and I enjoy it.
  • I always have free time during Computer Apps class in school so I'm always getting on here or on my blog because the idiots don't have them blocked *rolls eyes*
  • I'm attempting to finish two novels by the end of the year *facepalm* (yes, one of them is a NaNoNovel - find me as MourningAndNight)
  • I use a lot of actions like *facepalm* and *headdesk* (currently using *headdesk* because I have used 2150 text messages in two weeks... and I only get 1500 a month. Luckily, my stepmom was able to sweet-talk the phone company into changing my plan to unlimited and not charging us the THIRTY TWO BUCKS extra.)
  • It's a miracle my dad hasn't killed me this weekend, between C.J.J. asking me to tell Dad about him and ask him if he could come to my birthday dinner and the text overage. I would have killed me already. (Yes, I am still beating myself up over this.)
  • I try too hard to be perfect, and then I try too hard to not try too hard... Vicious cycle.
  • I may be good at math, but I did not think it was physically possible for me to use 2150 texts in 14 days. That's approximately 150 texts each day TOTAL, which equals approximately 75 received and 75 sent. BUT, considering I've had two dances and a few major conversations over text to about two people... Those texts burn up pretty quick.
  • I'm going to shut up about the texting now.
  • I love making lists. Obviously.
  • I love my bangs, but they drive me nuts.
  • I have chronic stress headaches... And I currently have one.
  • I'd really like to throw something at the TV right now, just so I didn't have to watch football.

Ooooooookay... I apparently need to stop with the whole stream-of-consciousness list thing....



"I'm pretty, but I'm not beautiful. I'm good, but I'm not an angel. I sin, but I'm not the devil." - Marilyn Monroe

"You're not pretty, you're beautiful. You're not good, and you're not an angel, you're the perfect angel. And sins don't matter because you're the best thing to happen to me." - C.J.J. (in response to my use of a Marilyn Monroe quote in conversation)

"Life is hard. Sometimes, people change, for better or worse. You can walk away, or you can stay. But it's YOUR life, and it's all up to you. YOU control who you are." -- Moi.

"'Loved' isn't a word. There is no past tense to love. If you love someone, you will always love them. No matter what."

"I'm not a perfect girl. My hair doesn't always stay in place & I spill things a lot. I'm pretty clumsy & sometimes I have a broken heart. My friends & I sometimes fight & maybe some days nothing goes right. But when I think about it & take a step back, I remember how amazing life is & that maybe, just maybe, I like being imperfect..."

"You know, Dad always lectures us on not letting a guy get in our pants, but he never mentioned how many other ways a guy can screw you." -- Kat Stratford, 10 Things I Hate About You.

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