just a man

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"Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option." From the great Maya Angelou

Glad to be a part of a community.  Sometimes it's a lonely trip this writing journey. But I'm not complaining. I chose it so I deal with it.  At times I find the writer in me easier to deal with.  What I mean is that writing is easier to deal with than the rest of life can't write 24 hours a day.  I mean I could and I 've heard that some writers do but I'm not trying to kill myself.  At this point in life I want to share with the world my talent, my view of the world and how I see things.  If people like it good, if not that's cool.  Keep it moving.  I'm a cool brother, but I do have days where I get pissed off.  And I find that my writing keeps me grounded.  Keeps me sane.  Not that I'm losing it.  Not yet anyway.  I would dig hearing from some other scribes out there.  Come forth.  I don't bite.

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