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I am presently an Engineering student at the University of Western Ontario. Engineering students are generally known for their poor writing skills. I hope to break the mould though.

I am addicted to reading. Or I used to be. If I knew there was an unread book in the house I would hunt it down and read it before I could go on with my life. I am getting better now though. I have had a book in my house for 24 hours from one of my favourite authors, and I haven't even touched it yet.

I need more work on my writing though. I often find myself at a loss for words or having trouble describing something. I like to be very precise and use all my words properly. I figure that remembering the words as I write will only become easier with practice, so that's why I am here. I think that being able to write better will help me wherever I go in life, and especially in university when I have so little time to do homework and projects.

I would love criticism on any of my work, and any editing comments like spelling, grammar and punctuation are welcome too.

My stories as they stand right now:

Blue Water: Mostly written, I think I can wrap it up nicely and quickly if I tried. It might be the first one I manage to finish.

Brown House on the Hill by the Forest: I keep getting flashes of ideas about this one, but it hasn't written itself yet. 

The Fairy Tale: I have written a long-winded continuation of this story, but I think I need to write a shorter one. I meant for this story to be short and sweet, and I still have a chance to go that.

Poetry: Just a collection of poems that I've written.  I have no idea how good or bad they are, since I find it had to read poetry.

Most of my work right now is on short stories. I like them because they are short and I can finish them right away. 

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