a 36-year-old fellow

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"The greatest high is the natural high within."

Hello readers! I am a thirty-four year old living in sunny southern California. If you would like to know more about me and my projects follow me on Facebook to keep track of some of my notes and exclusive pictures of my characters.

First of all thank you to everyone for the feedback on my stories. It is so amazing to know that I have an international audience of fans that read my work! It is humbling to say the least. My inspiration to write comes from feelings I have felt both in my life and observing other people around me. It also stems from way too many hours watching anime, playing games and old school wrestling. My writing can be described as young adult with emphasis on characters and conflict. I have some romance and my universe setting is starting to become worthy attention.

I am currently world building and prepping for the 3rd and last draft of Antithesis the Tournament of Eternal Order. I have also started writing the first draft of the second book called Antithesis Wrath of the Drowned King of Blades. I will be resuming the 3rd draft. I am currently planning on writing four books in the Antithesis series.

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