just a funky monkey from currently between dimensions

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"Do something creative today."

You won't find me out in society frolicking amongst the mortals. For there is much needed focus elsewhere. If you truly want to find me there's a way, but I have to warn you, it's not going to be easy.

Find the tallest Oak tree deep in Sharpthorne Forest that resides near Blackstone River. You'll know when you get there because two old gnomes will be bickering about a Great Willow and how they intend on redecorating, an ongoing debate that has been unsettled for decades. Don't ask.

Politely approach them and ask for me. They may call you a fool for wandering so far into Sharpthorne without a proper guide. If they do, offer them something sweet, preferably chocolate. Then the gnomes will point you toward the direction of Imagine, a special location reserved for those who partake in unlimited realms of creativity. Don't worry about the snickering of the gnomes as you leave. Gnomes can be quite silly sometimes, if you know what I mean.

You'll know you are nearing Imagine when you see the translucent Veil of Galant, it'll resemble a wooden doorway between a set of twin pines. As you near the Veil, two wooded guards will appear on either side of the doorway. They'll present you with three questions. Be careful. Trickery of the wooded guards can stump even the wisest of mortals.

If you can make it through the magical riddles of the wooded guards, you'll be given access into Imagine, the land of all creation.

I'll be the one wearing a sundress at the water's edge with a group of animals, reptiles, and fish, discussing my next inspired story. 

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