a male from NZ, New Zealand

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I speak four languages English,profanity,sarcasm and divine wit. QUOTE"Shon Yde"

I enjoy entertaining really love cooking and am a greeny ,I love gardening growing herbs flowers fruit vegetables really anything that grows.I grow most of my own vegetables all my herbs and some o my fruit. I love poetry William Blake is my all time favourite. i Like reading especially anything Celtic,Maori I prefer historical things I'm  not into fantasy I used to be but one changes over time.

I practice my own form of religion I'm not interested in organised religion as to me it is more like a cult all about dogma and doctrine rather than the spirituality. So i am more gnostic in my beliefs.

Same with politics you cant trust anyone that ends up as a politician especially one that is aligned to a particular party,we have MMP a type of proportional representation so you can vote for a party and an independent if you like,it got so difficult in NZ to tell the difference  between the two parties, now we have more choice.Still politicians all look a bit  reptilian to me.




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