a female from Borders, United Kingdom

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Hi,  I'm totally new to this site, and like so many others that seem to be here I am a brilliant procrastinator.  I feel like I have stories to tell, but know that I will think things through before I dare to put them into words.

I live currently live in the Western Lake District of England, but very, so very nearly moved to Canada last year.

Whilst I will do my best to update my profile, when I cand decide what would be interesting to read, I am more than happy to hear from people with suggestions and just general communication.

My biggest fear is that although I am an avid reader, I may also be a hopeless writer.  Is everybody this scared of getting started?

I'll post my picture when I get around to transferring it from my old computer... this one is only three hours old :) 

Be kind to me - please :)

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