a 19-year-old babe from Chocolate City, Utah

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".. artists use lies to tell the truth while politicians use them to cover the truth up." ~~ V for Vendetta

Some of you may know me as Narissa, from long, long ago! If you're curious about how bad of a writer I was, you could go check it out. 

Protagonize helped me in my writing/creative career as a high school student, and I thought, Heck, I haven't seen or heard from it in a long time! So here I am!

It just occurred to me that I should probably tell some things about myself...

Okay, my favorite color is the rainbow! My favorite drink is Dr. Pepper. Let's see.... I've graduated from high school (YAY) and I'm endeavoring to be an archaeologist. I've been writing and drawing ever since my older sisters started, so over 10 years. I can't draw a tree or flower to save my life, but I can draw people pretty good. Weird, right? My favorite book series is The Sword of Truth, by Terry Goodkind who is an evil man. Evil to the core. My music can range from all over. Mostly older stuff, like Glenn Miller and 80's. Rarely do I find a modern band that I like, for example Two Steps from Hell. Those guys are my writing buddies. I'm an American otaku and show my colors proudly! I have a lot of favorite anime and manga. I am a 'hard' core gamer. My favorite game producers are Bethesda, even if they have failed me recently, and Bioware, specifically the Dragon Age franchise. I freaking love those people. I don't understand why people become vegans or vegetarians, I did not fight my way to the top of the food chain to starve. Meat is just way too good. I'm also LDS, Mormon, which sometimes surprise people by the way I write. Speaking of the way I write, I have never been in love or have been kissed, which is mostly why my stories that do have love in them don't have much development because I have no idea what it's like to have someone like that!

I like critics, because they help me see that I can/need to improve upon. Some people don't like critics because of their, "rudeness." That is nonsense. By the by, if you see any spelling or grammar issues, please please please tell me. I have a crippling disorder of Illiteracyitis...

And my name, Shirayuki, means Snow White!    白雪

Currently Reading: The Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion by Brandon Mull. I'm finally catching up on reading what I've missed while in school!

I'm gladly burning in Sollavellan Hell. I'm one of the fangirls that would redeem Solas no matter what. Something might be wrong with me, but I don't care :)


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