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"From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." Karl Marx

Making a good first impression is a difficult task, as people look for different things in their first encounter. For example, I look first and foremost at someone's bearing. Are they leading, or being led? Are they among equals or superiors? Who holds the power?

It might be a somewhat shallow way to look at someone, but we can't help what we can't control. Much like how we ourselves struggle to be anything different from what our experiences and friends have made us. Obviously, radical change can be achieved on the superficial side, but can we change what we feel in our hearts? In our very souls?

I don't think so. I also don't think that evil can descend beyond the superficial aspects of a person. An act can be evil, but I don't think the person themselves is evil. Something which is evil contains no good. A person must contain some good, be it in thought or past deed.

I'm writing under a pseudonym simply to be less interested in opinion of my writing. It allows me to disconnect with the way people look at literature and engage more with the substance. My age is supplied to account for questions regarding my life experience. (Being 16, it is obviously limited to that of a child's lifetime, with a few exceptions). And no, my initials are not SMF, my last name (or first) is not Moon, and nothing relating to my name can be gleaned from my usertag.

I think I'll probably start a regular selection of soapbox rants that will interest no one but myself, but sometimes that's helpful to the psyche, right? Or at least I hope so.

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