a 22-year-old girl from New Zealand

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i have wanted to  be an author since i was kid, among other things such as a teacher, princess, ballerina, actress, vet, nurse, and at one point, a queen. my favourite actor back then was Eeyore. I still adore him.

i like to write poetry, and read it too. especially ones in the old english language - i think i was born in the wrong lifetime. Perhaps i was supposed to live the 1700s?

reading and music is my life. cant live without it. I lean more towards fantasy and fiction books, though the occasional mystery or teen romance or horror is good.

i am not too sure if i can finish a book without beginning another, as i have already started four. whatever will i do with myself?

i believe i behave in the way a normal teenger would, with a few quirks around.

i dont like salt, and brush it off chips and fish and food in general if i can taste it. i then dip the salt free chips into milkshake or icecream to treat myself.

i also don't like mushroom, shellfish, avacado, salmon, sardines or stinky cheese. cupboards and drawers must be closed when not in use, and i hold a short grudge against anyone who sits in my routine seat in class. so not cool.

i heart adding "ish" to the ends of words!

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