a 21-year-old guy from the Dreamworld, Ireland

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Not much to say really, I'm not a big fan of putting everything about myself into words. Long story short, I enjoy music such as Paramore, Linkin Park, Eminem, Greenday, Gorillaz, The Killers, Muse, My Chemical Romance, The Script, The Wombats, etc. I do not play music nor can I.

I enjoy reading books, pretty much anything I put my hand to. Mostly I like fiction, adventure, story telling books that grip you til the end, connect with you and the characters and make you feel like you are there, that you know the people and what they have gone through - That you feel as if you too have gone through it. I'm not a writer, though I'm obviously here to attempt it. I've practically never written anything of note though what little I have written has been praised by those who read it, whether they have literary skills or not is a different matter. 

I'm not very sporty and I take no particular interest in sports.

I enjoy computers and technology, and am particularly fond of 'Video Games' and am a rather good typer, that's enough about me, you didn't come here to read about me, you came to read my stories!

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