a 21-year-old girl from California, United States

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"Everything works out for the best."

I am a 10th grader at Vincent Memorial Catholic High School in Calexico CA and it is just a BLAST down there! I love being Catholic. I met my first boyfriend there and he's simply amazing. After I graduate, I want to go to either San Diego State or New Rochelle in NY and study anything to do with Literature. I like playing on the computer often and hanging around with friends and of course my wonderful boyfriend. I suck at dancing. I like to be random, and I like theater. I got a lead role once! I am pretty shy, but once I'm on the stage, my shyness disappears and I am as loud as I can be!

I like to write poetry, mostly about love, and am currently working on an adventure novel with a friend. We're doing our own separate stories, and mine is about a murder case. I am super excited about that! It's the first time I have attempted to do something like that and so far it is turning out to be great! I will be trying to be active on here and will let you know when my novel is published.  :)

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