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To the reader who's checking out my profile now - heya!

The name's Shane, and I first discovered the joy of writing when I was in elementary school. I was, and still am, a big fan of action-adventure and fantasy novels. Back in school, I would turn even the simplest composition practice into a full-blown adventure - though of course these essays were limited to the time available in class. I'd let my imagination run wild, and turn a simple police-and-thief chase into mortal combat in an alley.

I've written short stories on and off since then, something that I really enjoyed. But this is the first time I'm trying to write a full novel, so I hope that it goes down well with my readers! Any comments and suggestions for improvement are very welcome.

So, enough about that. Some things that I enjoy:

-Sports: Badminton, long-distance cycling

-Reading: Action adventure, fantasy

And, of course, there's writing, which brings me satisfaction like no other.

I look forward to hearing from you :)

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