just a grrl from Never Never land:)

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"I'm Sarcastic, What's your SuperPower???"

I've been told to do many things, and I haven't done any of them. I don't follow orders, not because I'm a Rebel, but because I refuse to live someone else's life. I'm a dancer, A free spirit and an AstronautPrincessCowgal(Yes, It is a job, In case you didn't know:D). Shadows Of my past was chosen because even if I've been told to move on, whatever has happened in my past keeps following me, like a shadow...

Damn, I know I sounded all emo and stuff, but I'm really not.I just needed to clear my wittle heart. Ask anyone, I live my life to the fullest, I'm a happy 'YAY! I got skittles!' kinda, I LOVE MUSIC.... and the best movies EVER are LILO&STITCH AND THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE. Kuzco is DA BEST. if u wanna talk to me, then do:) Imma be happy to have friends:)

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