a 23-year-old man from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

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I am Ashton. That is right, suspend your abjectious disbelief, I am here. I love writing, because I love telling stories, that never happened but I'd love if they did!


As of April 7, 2013 This is my list of collabs/stories/etc. (I will attempt to dive into my past to pull up collabs that I used to be in)


A Time of Dragons

Old Stories That I Will Scrap and Redo in the Future (Do Not Read These They Suck):


The Ocean, Cruel and Untameable

The Summoner

Angels Among Us


Call me Vivi...

As the Whore, So Am I

How Does it Feel?

Sometimes Hell is a Place Called Home


Summoner: Rowan Ash Kerr

Darkest Nights: Rowan Ash Kerr

House of Ra: Rowan Ash Kerr

Night Hawks: Rowan Ash Kerr

The Nearfar: Rowan Ash Kerr

The New Magister Lords: The Defenders of Magic: Thomas Bernard Aquos

Finished Collabs:

The Magister Lords: Vand Aquos/Thomas Aquos

The Mystery of Aubrey Smith: Mr. Arnold Kerr

Return to Vampire Mansion: Kyoshiro

Psychic Crash: Arc, Ashton

The Hideout for Misfit Characters: Raven

Vampire Mansion: Kyoshiro

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