a 21-year-old babe from Washington, United States

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"Mankind finds ways to kill time. Time finds ways to kill mankind."

I'm sixteen, but I have been interested in writing since I was nine. I guess the first time I realized I wanted to write was when my third grade class was working on these writing samples in which you write a non-fiction piece about an object and then turn around and write a fictional piece. I was young and spent lots of time on the jungle gym at lunch, so I wrote about the monkey bars which, in my story, were really alien bugs who had come to observe human life.

I don't do much more than a normal teenager. I've raised my brother since I was seven due to family issues, but I don't regret the sacrifices I've made. In a way, I've become more mature and the world doesn't scare me as much as I thought it would.

I am a bit reluctant to share my feelings and opinions, but that is why I have so much fun writing. I can get my thoughts out to others and I won't have to hide any more. None of this little bio blurb makes much sense, but I do hope it has helped others get to know me a bit. 

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