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I am from India and thought it would be fun to write in English. I love to read, write and watch anything paranormal. Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Witches, Fairies. You name it I love IT!!!!!

I know some of my word choices and grammar are rough. If you want to help me by editing or proofing, it would make me very happy and I would be grateful.

If you ever have any questions on anything I written feel free to inbox me or email at

I've written a a lot of books in the past year and even self-published a bunch. My completed books are on sold on all the regular book sites like Amazon, itunes etc.... Just search on my name to find them. Selena Thana

Tuath Dé Series
- Tome 1 - Unseelie Love
- Tome 2 - Pixie Power
- Tome 3 - Jinn Benevolence
- Tome 4 - Sidehe Megalomania
- Tome 5 - Troll Intolerance
- Tome 6 - Brownie Biformity

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