a girl from Parallel universe #3, Earth, United Kingdom

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"Nothing is impossible, merely improbable. Some people think inside the box, i simply ask 'what box?' and carry on :)"

Hiya :-)

If you really want to know what I'm all about, the best way is to read the few stories that I've written and the collabs I've participated in :) I'm happy to join anybody for any collab that they want - so just ask :)

I specialise mostly in mythology, specifically magic and dragons, but i will give anything my best shot XD

I try to rate stuff as i see it - so i warn you now, if you ask me to rate something (which i will happily do), i will rate it as honestly as i can - if i don't like it i wont rate it highly. I'm happy to comment on what i didn't like though & how i think it could be improved. what I like isn't necessarily what everyone else likes though so... :)

Oh, and i'm participating in NaNoWriMo this year :)

The Arlinco Prophecies (i wrote this ages ago and its quite long)
Lantos this is going to be my NaNo story :)

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