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Many oftens I come awake in morning with much vigor and say in mind, instead of lay awake on side of Lisa who sleep for next minimum 4 hour in dark of morning, why I do not rise and drive to river for get for us dinner of wide mouth bass and on way home I buy some orange for nickel from Mexican on side of highway? Many energies I have in morning. Most probably because I no work employment. So for save money I fish hunting. I do my part. I learn from Lisa this phrase "do must your part". I also learn from her phrase "a wife like for husband be there when she wake up in morning". For this I feel like rock between hard place. in "literary"

It's been said that a writer is a mixture of a very shy person and an egomaniac. I certainly had the egomaniac thing down.
Eye on MacMillan in "autobiography"

Sadly I'm finding my kid-saving fantasy a little hard to make come true. I walk out to busy areas of the city -- touristy areas like Fisherman's Warf --places where parents take their children that are also in close promiximity to busy thoroughfares. And I'm out scoping for kids that might, just might, run into the middle of the street.
Captain Awesome in "just for fun"

You drop to Bob's bedside, your face at his feet. With no God to turn to, no Satan to seek. No Father to guide you or Mother to grasp. No Spirit or Friendship or Loved One to clasp. No beauty, or shelter, or future proceeding. The concept of nothingness takes on new meaning. There's no point in praying, there's no use in pleading. Without even knowing, you find that you're screaming: that your only hope in the world is you're dreaming.
This Tragic Infection in "fable/folklore"

Many mens in camp say perhaps we should burn down forrest. So we plan to this. But my Sissy tell us no. She very quiet always. She very like to stay inside own noodle. I ask her one time "Sissy, why so much time you spend in own noodle and never with us here in air of world?" She say "Biggest Brother Yakov, because in head is beautiful, many voices speaks to me." I ask, "Oh yes? What says to you this voices?" And she sayed "They keeps me companies and give me task to do." I say "Yes? What is some example?" She say "Secret, sorry buddy."
Forrest of Sissy in "literary"

The Guy stares out his window in the pre-dusk hours and watches all the people in the street scurrying this way and that, cars honking and cutting eachother off, children zooming around, adults typing on smartphones, knocking shoulders with one another because they don't bother to look up, all the way to the horizon, and then he expands the horizon in his mind to where he imagines his country drops off into the ocean, and he crosses the ocean in his mind to far away nations and multiplies and multiplies and multiplies the uncounted number of people he can see from his window, by an innumerable order of magnitude, and focuses in on a number that can stand in the place of that final product, which is 6.7 billion. Almost 7 billion people out there scurrying all over landmasses and flying over oceans and messaging one another on tablets. 7 billion people, of which he is one. One that is not so special. One who has loved and been loved but that is all over now. One who no longer contributes. One who is disabled. One who is on the verge of elderly. One who, solitary as he is, takes more than he gives back.
Muted Commercial Break in "autobiography"

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