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"“Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.” ― Oscar Wilde"

My name is Sedrick and I am a Midwest "Indie Writer" with my work published on Amazon as eBooks. The name of my brand is 'Sedrick's Narrative Poetry, Prose & Fiction", which pretty much covers the scope of what I write.

Being an artist I have many goals and career aspirations. Nevertheless my first goal is to be able to connect with individuals who can identify with my potential and who are willing to be more than just customers. I would like for the aforemtioned individuals to be partners with me int he strong vision that I have for "Sedrick's Narrative Poetry, Prose & Fiction".

People who will believe in my work and who will be an intimate part of my growth as a "Performing Spoken Word Artist" and a "Performing Story Telling Artist". This means that everyday I fight to believe that my moment is right here and now...these individuals are proactively with me.

So with this unique approach to my goals I am here to honestly get to know and connect with people as an artist and a person.

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