"Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it." -Hannah Arendt

Welcome to the profile page for the Seasonal Prose Competition on Protagonize! This account is currently managed by Jackerbie.

the History

The first ever Seasonal Prose Competition was hosted by the World Building group in July and August of 2010. The event was inspired by the Seasonal Poetry Tournament offered by the Poetry Workshop group since 2009. Hopefully both events will become long-standing Protagonize traditions!

the Winners

Gabriel, SPC10
Ixarux, WPC11
LuneXian and TheRosesBloom, SPC11
HeyJude and Eloosive, FPC11
xKatanaXIV, NYE11/12
Ixarux, WPC12
DTMN and xkatieshepherd, SFC12
starwarsfreak117, WPC13

the Competition

Due to lack of interest, the long format competitions have been suspended indefinitely. Occasional short format competitions may still run throughout the year. Check out the group for updates!

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