a 32-year-old gentleman from Lisle, Illinois, United States

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"My favorite quote is the one from Stardust when the dad is telling his son that not fitting in with the local "ordinary" folk is a very good omen, a very good omen indeed."

My name is obviously Sean Michael. I grew up in many different towns, but primarily the State of Illinois. I love, love, love Jesus, he is undoubtedly my best friend. I'm also always up for any thing related to stories, sports, or music. 

I wrote myriads of poems in my younger days, (which I will be happy to share), and a few years back got started in writing short stories. I've been dreaming things up, however, for more than ten years. I'm finally getting the bravery and the confidence to see where things go with that. 

As far as my skill set goes, I play guitar, bass, keyboards, sometimes manage drums, mandolin, accordion, and harmonica. I write poems/lyrics and sing as well. Also, I like to cook and I am a fierce, albeit, rusty juggler. 

The thing I'm the best at is this: I make it a point to make people feel welcome and valued no matter what. (It's true that I'm not perfect on this, but when I'm bringing my A game, it's second to none). 

So, drop me a line and let's be friends and fellow brainstormers!

Sean Michael

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